Numbers, Sequences and Series

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University of Hull


11 Dec 2023


These are the Lecture Notes of Numbers, Sequences and Series 400297 for T1 2023/24 at the University of Hull. I will follow these lecture notes during the course. If you have any question or find any typo, please email me at

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We will study the set of real numbers \(\mathbb{R}\), and then sequences and series in \(\mathbb{R}\). I will follow mainly the textbook by Bartle and Sherbert (Bartle, Robert G. and Sherbert, Donald R. 2011). Another good reading is the book by Abbott (Abbott 2015). I also point out the classic book by Rudin (Rudin 1976), although this is more difficult to understand.


You are not expected to purchase any of the above books. These lecture notes will cover 100% of the topics you are expected to known in order to excel in the final exam.